Bodrum Private Sightseeing Tour

Bodrum Private Sightseeing Tour

Guided tour in the center of Bodrum (10 km, altitude 150 m, difficulty level: 1)


Bodrum city center is full of history, past and present are combined in harmony with the modern world. The fortress left over from the Knights of Saint-Jean, white cubes of houses decorated with bougainvillea, the gates of Myndos, windmills and the world famous Halicarnassus mausoleum are priceless treasures.

Our tour will take you through all the attractions in the city, starting from the entrance to the Bodrum Fortress. You will have the opportunity to take photos of the sights while exploring Bodrum by bike.

On the bike tour, you will be accompanied by our multilingual guide, who will not only show you the way, but will also be happy to talk to you.

Our e-bikes will support you on the slopes of Bodrum and give you a comfortable ride.

We recommend bringing your phone or camera and one small bottle of water.

Culture: Biking through typical Turkish villages will give you an authentic insight into the everyday life and culture of the people and their country.
Nature: The Bodrum Peninsula is an enchanting paradise with its magnificent forests, fantastic nature trails and spectacular beaches.
Activity: Along the way there will be the opportunity to have a refreshing swim in the clear, blue sea.

Cuisine: For lunch (included in the tour) you will have the chance to try a number of different Turkish delicacies.

09:00 – We gather in front of the Bodrum fortress and you will receive your equipment (bike and helmet). Our experienced guides will help you customize your bike to the best fit for you. You will then receive a safety briefing and a detailed description of the planned cycling tour. On our route, which starts in front of the Bodrum fortress, you will see the Bodrum bazaar, the St. Nicholas church and the Kumbahce coast. After that we will get through the lanes to Bodrum Marina, and from there to the windmills. After taking a break to photograph the panorama, we will drive near the gate of Myndos and the Halicarnassus mausoleum and end our bike tour at the Bodrum fortress, following the narrow streets of Bodrum.

11:00 – Check and return of equipment end of the bike tour.

  • It is necessary to pay attention to pedestrian and car traffic on our route, which will pass through the city.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suitable for cycling.
  • It is compulsory to wear a helmet on our bike tour. If you do not have a helmet, you will be provided with one before the start of the bike tour.
  • You will receive detailed information about the route before the bike tour.
  • Do not forget to take money with you for personal expenses.
  • If you must take your medications regularly, be sure to take them with you.


Clients who wish to be supported by a tail-wind and seek to hire an e-bike will receive a high-quality pedelec, powered mainly by a Bosch motor capable of covering long distances, and characterized by their light weight and great components. Alternative drive systems may also be used. Standard components of our e-bikes in varying frame sizes include, 28 inch hollow chamber rims with puncture-proof touring tires, high-quality derailleur gears and break systems, a carrier and a sturdy bike stand, touring saddle as well as mudguards and a pannier rack. With our e-bikes you will conquer the hills with a smile, they are a true declaration of independence for all who wish to cycle and seek the support of a little push.

– Please contact us for information.

Services included in tour price

  • E-Bike
  • Helmet
  • Guide (English / Turkish / German / depends on the group).

Services not included in the price

  • Your personal expenses